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SEPTEMBER 2020 - The men in orange from Southern Water getting stuck into their newest pumping station at a site known locally as Shit Creek, in Herstmonceux, Sussex. Not only because of the effluent they are hoping to handle, but also because of the political quagmire they ay be getting into.





A271 seriously inadequate and potholed service road for Herstmonceux

Access to Neighboring Land Act 1992 - the right to enter onto adjoining property to effect repairs

Air BnB - Places to stay near Herstmonceux

Albert Saunders - Chief engineer of the Lime Park generating station

All Saints Church, Herstmonceux

Alfriston - King Alfred (burnt the cakes)

Amberley Museum

Ancient Monument and Archaeological Areas Act 1979

Archaeology South East - Survey & Report by Barbara and David Martin, London University 29 September 1999

Armstrong Sideley - 30hp six cylinder limousine driven by William Green for the de Roemer's in Lime Park

Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex

Badgers - Protected species, Wildlife & Countryside Act

Baron Karl von Roemer - Lime Park, Baroness von Roemer

Batemans - Rudyard Kipling (Jungle Book)

Battle - Abbey, 1066 and Battlefield, Battle of Hastings - Norman conquest of England Vs King Harold Godwinson

Beachy Head - Lighthouse

Bed & Breakfast - Close to Herstmonceux

Belle Toute

Benita Mary de Roemer - Lime Park - John Arthur Mowbray Ellison-Macartney & Oliver Charles Napier Moxon

Bexhill On Sea - The birthplace of motor racing 1902, De La Warr Pavilion

Bluebell Railway

Bognor Regis

Bolney Wine Estate, Haywards Heath

Boxgrove Man, Eartham Pit - Discovery of Homo Heidelbergensis in 1974


British Airways i360, Brighton

Castle, Herstmonceux - Observatory
Chapel Row

Charles de Roemer - Lime Park

Charleston Farm House - Firle, home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant - Trust

Chichester Cathedral, Chichester

Church Road

CIL - Community Infrastructure Levies, another form of property tax

Clarion Housing Group Ltd


Criminal Damage Act 1971

Crowborough - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Cuckoo Trial

Death Hill - A271, most dangerous junction just outside the village of Herstmonceux

Disneyland - Orlando, Florida and Hong Kong - Tarzan's tree house, themed fun park attraction

Dog walkers -

Downs, The - Chalk cliffs

Drainage - Problems in Herstmonceux

Drusillas Park, Wealden

Eastbourne - The English Riviera, a holiday seaside town with sunny beaches and a pier

East Sussex County Council - Provider of roads and extremely limited pothole repairs
Elm Close - houses for sale or rental in Herstmonceux

Engineerium, Brighton

Financial Slavery - The high cost of houses and low wages, make the Sussex a difficult place to afford live
Floods - In Herstmonceux, Hellingly, Lewes

Food and Drink - A - Z of restaurants, pubs and takeaways around Herstmonceux Brewers Arms, Eastern Promise

                        Geo's Coffee House, The Horseshoe Inn, The Merrie Harriers, Sundial, White Horse Inn

                        Willows Fish & Chip Shop

Footpaths - Public rights of way

Fraud Act 2006 - Duties in relation to borrowing against property and third party insurances
Gardner Street - A seriously congested High Street with parking problems - A271

Generating Works, historic building supplying electricity to Herstmonceux village from 1909

Great Crested Newts - Protected species, Wildlife & Countryside Act

Guest Houses - including air bed and breakfast A-BnB: Boreham House, Cedar Lodge, Chilsham Barn, Cleavers Lyng

                      Furnace Brook Lodge, Herstmonceux Tarzan Experience, Stables Borenham Hse, Swallows Barn,

                      Windmill Barn

Hailsham - A market town and home to Wealden District Council, Vicarage Lane

Harriet Flood's Race for Life May 2022 - Cancer Research

Hastings - Home to the world's largest beached fishing fleet, and listed net huts
Hawthorn Lane - houses for sale or rent

Heathfield - Old

HER - Historic Environment Record, East Sussex County Council

Heritage Assets - What are they?

Heritage Statements - When are they required?

Heritage vandals -

Herstmonceux Castle

Herstmonceux - Electricity Generating Works C. 1890 - Site Monument Record

Herstmonceux Parish Councillors 2021

Herstmonceux Village -

Herstmonceux Walkers Association - Ramblers, Dogs and family outings in the fresh air

Homo heidelbergensis, Boxgrove

Hotels - Including guest houses in or near Herstmonceux

Hove - A seaside town

HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current Vs Alternating Current AC power transmission

Iron - Weald industry

Jill Finn's Race for Life May 2022 - Cancer Research

Judas Iscariot - 30 pieces of silver

Kew's Wakehurst, Haywards Heath (Wild Botonical Gardens)

Kingdom of Sussex, Ælle, King of Sussex AD 477.

Kleptocrats - Many of the council's proponents for growth in the face of global warming

Knockhatch - Adventure park, Hailsham, A22

Latimer Developments Limited

Lewes - Castle, Priory

Lime Park - Lime, Lime Cottage, Lime House, Linden House, Rectory

Lime Park Estate Limited - Company number 01893712

Lime Park Heritage Trust - A charity the object of which are to preserve the Herstmonceux generating complex (LPHT)

Lime Ponds - Under threat of poisoning from developers

Lime Well - last remaining working well in Herstmonceux village, the bell dating it from 1898

Lime Wood - a recently spoiled local wood

Little Venice - The Lake District of Wealden, Herstmonceux

Lord and Lady Gage - Visitors to Lime Park

Lord and Lady Hailsham - Visitors to Lime Park

Lord and Lady Shawcross - Visitors to Lime Park

Low Carbon Lifestyles -

Major Charles de Roemer, RAF pilot - Lime Park

Martin de Roemer - London stockbroker

Matthew Flood's Race for Life May 2022 - Cancer Research

Masonic Hall, Herstmonceux

Memories of Herstmonceux - Margaret Pollard (nee Green)

Monument, Site Record, SMR ESCC, Generating Station

National 36 horsepower gas engine, internal combustion, single cylinder

Newhaven - A port with ferry service and a Fort

No - Effective remedy

Oak Way - houses for sale or rent

Observatory - Herstmonceux Castle

Parish Council, Herstmonceux

Party Wall Act 1996 - Disputes and criminal offences

Pesticides - Ground poisoning and water supply contamination

Petworth House & Park, West Sussex

Pevensey Levels - Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) marshland and nature reserve

Piltdown Man, East Sussex hoax by Charles Dawson in 1912, the missing link

Planning Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990

Potholes - Spot a dangerous pothole and send us a picture, but be careful in the taking

Prince Charles - Future King of England - his son and daughter in law, Duke & Duchess of Sussex

Prescription Act 1832 - Acquisition of rights to light and rights of way, easements, etc.

Proceeds of Crime - Confiscation orders for assets acquired by illegal activities

Queen Elizabeth - Head of State, ultimately responsible for effectiveness of remedies

Ramblers Association

Rectory, The Old, Lime Park - Elizabeth Cowling, Henry Arnell, Peter Townley, Alison Deshayes, Jill Finn & Nigel Flood

Restaurants -

Rewilding - Allowing and encouraging land to return to a natural state

Right to Light - Damages and injunction may flow from aggressive development: Beaumont Vs Florala 2020

Rights of Way - Public footpaths and other right of access

Road Works - Village High Street, A271 single file traffic queues

Romney Marsh

Ronald Saunders - Market gardener and his father Albert, chief engineer Herstmonceux Generating Station 1936

RTPI - Royal Town Planning Institute

R v Dytham 1979 QBD 69 criminal appeal R722 - Common law offence of willful neglect in public office

Roman conquest of Britain, Rome, Cogidubnus, Chichester

Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Science Centre - 

Schools - Church of England Primary, Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux

Seaford Head - South Downs National Park

Seeboard Magazine - October 1970 edition on rural electrification mentioning Lime Park and Charles de Roemer

Seven Sisters - South Downs Way

Shits & Creeks A to Z

Slime Parking Wars - Restricted parking in Lime Park and Prescription Act 1832 rights

SMRs - Site Monument Records - World's oldest surviving generating station with load-levelling

Southern Water - Drinking supplies and waste removal

South Downs National Park

Statute - Laws of England

Suicide Junction - Leading to Death Hill A271

Sussex, East, West, University

Sussex police - Jo Shiner, Chief Constable

Sussex's - Harry and Megan - Royal Family

Sussex Weald - An area of outstanding natural beauty

Tarzan's Lodge - 2019 animated film - Trip Savvy Disneyland review - Airbnb, Siargao, Filipas, Philippines

The Baron Karl von Roemer - Lime Park

TheKeep - East Sussex County Council's monument records archive

Time stands still for no man - Tempus Fugit

Timothy Watson - Former estate agent who sold a field for 70 houses to developers - 30 pieces of silver

Town Gas - Used to run internal combustion engines in the production of electricity

Underhanded - Conduct unbecoming and not in good faith

UNESCO - World Heritage Sites - Cultural convention and listing criteria

Vandals - People and corporations who cause damage to historic assets, physically and visually

Victoria Road

Walkers Association - Herstmonceux

Wealden District A - Z

Wealden District Council

Wealden District Councillors

WD/2022/0497/F - Planning application by Jill Finn & Nigel Flood, withdrawn Vector Planning 7 June 2022

Wildlife protection and conservation of habitats

Wilful Neglect - In public office, malfeasance common law offence R v Dytham 1979 QBD 69 criminal appeal R722

Willingdon & Jevington - Parish councils, suburbs of Eastbourne in Wealden administrative area 700 homes planning appeal

Windmill Hill - Restored grade II listed post mill built be William Medhurst Circa 1814

Woodlands View - Hillside development 

Worthing -










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