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SHAMED WEALDEN CONSERVATIVES - If Boris is representative of politics in Sussex, we don't just need a change of leader with business as usual policies, we need change to something better. We must find a way to stop politicians borrowing to sustain an unsustainable lifestyle based on the deception, that the country can afford to keep borrowing. Our national debt is staggering, almost doubling with 'The Johnson' at the helm. And it all begins on our doorstep. What is happening locally, is happening in Whitehall. Bob Standley won't resign either. Neither will Trevor Scott.





Daisy the cow is worried about the future of life on earth



DAISY SAYS - Pardon me for asking, but if there are thousands of houses being built in and around Herstmonceux, where are all the infrastructure improvements? Daisy wonders if Wealden's policies as to fossil fuel investments, and the promotion of executive housing over affordable homes, is un-sustainable?




Wealden District Council is identified by some local groups as a kleptocratic administration, working for the rich against the poor.


They also spent a ton of ratepayers cash seeking to prevent the restoration of one the most important historic assets just outside the village of Herstmonceux, 500 yards from Gardner Street (A271), in one of the worst cases of institutionalised discrimination this country has seen, since Adolf Hitler set up his concentration camps in Nazi Germany. At least the when Adolf set out on a eugenics agenda, he did it overtly. Wealden, operate covertly, because it would be illegal for them to openly admit to targeting people they deem to be undesirable. It makes us wonder if we would have been better off under Adolf.


Even today, in 2022, Wealden have denied the 'Trust,' that is seeking to protect the old generating buildings, a reasonable and beneficial use. This is not simple maladministration, as in a straightforward error. This is deliberate and calculated misfeasance in public office as an ongoing agenda, thus malfeasance, a common law offence. A crime. We could not print it, if it was not true.


Why would anyone do such a thing? Maybe it is because they can. They appear to enjoy causing harm to the historic built environment, since they have spent well over Five Hundred Thousand Pounds (500,000) of your tax dollars, to hide the truth, between 1981 and 2000.


Up to 2019, they were batting for Peter Townley. Now in 2022, we are trying to decide who they are batting for. Our opinion. Peter Townley was the owner of The Rectory, until 2019, a stooge for the council, and the council operating to benefit their patsy for well over 30 years. The new, and present owners are Ms Finn and Mr Flood.


We will report on the events as they happen, and you can decide for yourself what is happening. Let us have your opinion of local politics, and maybe then, collectively, we'll be able to influence policy at national level.


The vendetta that has taken place, was only possible because our Parliament created statute that allowed such rampant civil servant abuses. The target building, still has no reasonable or beneficial use in 2022


In theory, the Head of State is ultimately responsible. But so far Her Majesty and Charles, the future King of England, have (effectively) simply washed their hands of it, distancing themselves from the reality that their Realm, is rife with corruption. The sad truth is, that historically, the land was ruled by corruption and corrupting, bribing, or otherwise cajoling powerful landowners to support the King or Queen. Today, we have the honours system, Gongs for those towing the party line. This included granting lands for supporting the King/Queen. Including, licensing pirates on the high seas, as privateers, to loot and sink ships of other nations, where such ill gotten gains boosted the Treasury.






2022 - Herstmonceux in Sussex is not what it used to be. Villagers are being forced to rent in towns, rather than being able to live where they were brought up - at reasonable prices. In modern England, councils are operating against the interests of young families. Rents for new builds in Herstmonceux are exorbitant. The rich get richer and the poor, poorer.






Word has it that Wealden's officers have been investing your tax dollars in oil companies. If that is the case, and with oil set to devalue progressively as diesel and petrol vehicles are phased out, should the council not think about re-investing in renewables, and cutting their (our) losses?


Your taxes have been used to perpetuate reliance on fossil fuels, with petro-dollars being used by Russia to invade the Ukraine, does that make Wealden fossil fools?


We wonder if your CIL payments are being used to provide fat pensions for council chiefs, rather than going to improve access roads and other facilities. What do you think. And what about all those potholes. Why do we pay so much for our Road Fund Licences, when only 5% goes on building and maintaining roads? Presumably, that leaves 95% for backhanders.











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