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The Rectory in 2007



CONVERTED STABLES - Part of the Lime Park estate that once belonged to the Baron von Roemer, and his son, Charles de Roemer, this nice stable square has been converted to residential accommodation, the subject of a dispute under the Party Wall Act 1996, that was revealed in June of 2022, when the owner of this property failed to serve notice as to intended works.





Peter and June Townley purchased the Rectory property, shortly after moving in, beginning a malicious campaign to prevent historical recognition of the adjacent electricity generating complex, based on denial of the facts.


Together with Henry Arnell, Peter Townley formed Lime Park Estate Limited, with the intention of taking control of the shared drive, to give them the power to litigate. A conspiracy perhaps?


Their first action was their last, since they lost the case. They tried to prove harm to a tree within Lime Park, that was actually dead to begin with. They also sought to acquire land not within the area transferred to them by Wickens Estates.


An arboriculturalist gave evidence that a holly tree was dead. Other trees they mentioned, were not even within the boundary of Lime Park, proved following a survey. This was a fatally flawed case, before it began. But it had the effect of causing stress to their target, and wasting his time, so draining his life.


It may seem to you that Peter Townley made this his goal in life.


Mr & Mrs Townley somehow managed to persuade the Parish Council to sit on their hands, while Wealden District Council was engaged as a financial battering ram to grind the occupier down, in doing so abusing their powers as a local authority. So much for democracy.


One would have thought that the Parish Council would have stood up to be counted, but they buckled under, while they watched Wealden lie their way through umpteen planning appeals, and high court actions. Potentially making them party to the crimes, as in wilful neglect, see R v Dytham 1979, where a police officer was convicted of failing to protect a member of the public. The Parish Council watched a member of the public being mistreated and did nothing. It is of course a crime to embark on a malicious course of conduct. Such action is far worse than simple Article 14 discrimination. It is also a crime not to investigate a crime.




Sharna Grice was murdered because of police faliures



MURDERED - While Sussex police sat on their hands. Indeed, they threatened to prosecute Sharna for wasting police time, when she reported her fears to them. Planning corruption has been reported to Sussex police, and they have (so far) refused to investigate.




Who'd want to be a police officer in the Wealden area, with more corruption than you can shake a stick at? You will be asked to look the other way, when one of Wealden's targets reports a crime, such as corrupt officials in the council. No wonder we have murders in Sussex that could have been prevented. One girl was threatened with prosecution for wasting police time when she asked for help. Shortly murdered thereafter. That is Sussex police for you.



Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979

Criminal Damage Act 1971

Fraud Act 2006

Party Wall Act 1996

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990

Prescription Act 1832







HENRIETTA - Does not feel safe in Sussex. She thinks she is being exploited, herded and milked for all she is worth, and finally butchered. If only more people were vegans. The planet would be cooler with less methane as a greenhouse gas, and those who want to eat her, might be healthier. Nuts!
















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