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Sussex farming, making hay while the sun shines



Farming in Sussex, growing food for self-sufficiency and to feed livestock, for your local eatery.





In and around Herstmonceux village there were eight places to whet your whistle, until recently, when the Horseshoe Inn closed, the owners of the site, presumably, suffering from Covid 19, have taken the opportunity to bulldoze this landmark public house and restaurant, and build houses that are not affordable or sustainable, and will inevitably lead to more congestion along the A271. Surely, the building could have been converted to social housing, flats, etc., with a smaller carbon footprint. What a catastrophe! What is needed, perhaps, is a bypass and general roadway upgrade.


Boreham House 5 stars Herstmonceux  -  Price from 126 per night

Cedar Lodge 4 stars Herstmonceux  -  Price from 269.50 per night

Chilsham Barn 4 stars Herstmonceux  -  Price from 249.50 per night

Cleavers Lyng 16th Century Country House 4 stars, Herstmonceux  -  Price from 80.75 per night

Eastwood Observatory - Chilsham Lane, Hailsham - Price from 2,797 per night

Furnace Brook Lodge, Cowbeech  -  Phone
Swallows Barn 4 stars - Herstmonceux  -  Price from 302.50 per night
The Stables at Boreham House - Herstmonceux  -  Price from 145 per night
Windmill Barn 4 stars Herstmonceux  -  Price from 178.33 per night


Herstmonceux and surrounding areas, provides a relaxing country setting for hikers, students and tennis professionals. There are many attractions, such as the Castle, Observatory, Public Footpaths and trails for hikers. The oldest surviving Generating Station in the world with load levelling, is located just outside the village of Herstmonceux, though not yet open to the public, it could provide additional Air BnB accommodation with a unique flavour, to add to local colour. 


Battle Abbey 1066 country is within easy driving range, Eastbourne and Hastings seaside resorts, Hastings boast the world's largest beach launched fishing fleet, and Beachy Head and Seaford Head (nature reserve) cliff-tops, joined by the Seven Sisters, provide stunning views and walks. The Pevensey Levels SSSI is a must for bird watching. There is also a Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle every year. And then there is Alfriston, where King Alfred burnt the cakes.


Other reasonably close attractions include Knockhatch and Drusillas Zoo. Fun outings for all the family.


Herstmonceux also has a number of close by restaurants, a chip shop and curry house, in addition to cafes and public houses. See our A - Z listing.


Daisy the cw does not want to die, but will end up on a plate, maybe in your house!



FOR THE CHOP - Give us a break, why not be a vegetarian. Red meat is not conducive to a long healthy life. If you saw how cattle are slaughtered, you'd probably be scarred for life. So called, humane butchery, is still killing and chopping up animals for food, like burgers and sausages, that could be made from soya and other high protein plants. Pescetarians fare better, in living longer, but with fish now tainted from plastics, we wonder if Japan will still have so many centegenarians in years to come, as cancer rates begin to creep up.






Fish stocks on the south coast of England are seriously depleted. Seaweed, the oxygenator of the ocean, equivalent of the Amazon rainforest, has been trawled up (illegally) by local fishermen, forcing the creation of conservation areas - that are unfortunately - not well policed. Micro plastics and other fibers have entered the seafood chain along the English Channel via river pollution, with Chichester being one of the worst affected areas from the GRP manufacturing and boat building industries. Fish and shellfish, such as crabs, lobsters, mussels, shrimps, oysters and prawns, are shown to have micro plastic in the gut. Plastic is like a sponge to carcinogenic toxins in the ocean.


Then there is acidification and anthropogenic warming of the oceans, also reducing fishery output. 


To add to that we have desertification, where once arable land has been turned into deserts from climate change, from the burning of fossil fuels in cars and trucks, heating of homes with gas and oil, and rearing of animals that produce methane, to feed a growing world population.


Strangely, much of the seafood that you are likely to eat locally, will be imported. Especially white fish from fish and chip shops. But we have to eat, or starve. There is always the Hannibal Lecter cookery book, if all goes pear shaped, with politicians first on the menu. Sustainability and the 'Blue' or Circular Economy, not being high on the agendas of local authorities. Though we now have towns that are certified Plastic Free, such as Eastbourne. Thanks to the sterling efforts of Oliver Sterno and his crew, and many more teams around the country who organise beach cleaning, and certification of local businesses, under the Surfers Against Sewage banner.


So please eat responsibly. If you can't finish your meal, ask for a doggy bag. Don't waste food. Even better, consider going veggie, or vegan. Or at least try to cut down on your meat intake, with no meat Mondays. Having said that, what is life without the occasional celebration. It's just good to be alive, unlike the dinosaurs, mammoths and even rhinos, that once roamed the British Isles. We killed off such mega-fauna, when we hunted them to extinction, and began farming domestic animals. Mooooo, baaaaa.








SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS - The use of wood for construction is a sustainable practice, provided that the timber being used comes from a responsibly managed source. The old Generating Station in Lime Park, at Herstmonceux, is mostly built of wood. Wood is a natural carbon sink - meaning we should plant more trees - and build more houses of timber. The use of photovoltaic panels and large (solar) conservatory areas to trap heat, reduces the need to waste electricity or other fuels. Light from our sun pours down on planet earth at the rate of one kilowatt per square meter. The right to light is thus important in a modern age, where every penny counts toward sustainability. The Trust that maintains the buildings, believe that sustainability is key to survival of the human race. Other competing interests, may not be so climate friendly.











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