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HERSTMONCEUX CASTLE - When many people think of Herstmonceux, they think of the castle a few miles away from the village, just past Windmill Hill and left onto the Marsh Road. Or the Observatory telescopes.





The sleepy village of Herstmonceux was once a lovely place to live for country folk. Gardner Street ran from Hailsham, a market town, to Windmill Hill and on to Hastings, a seaside resort on a dirt track designed for horses and carriages.


Unfortunately, the A271 main road is not much better than it was 120 years ago. But now it has to carry traffic from thousands more homes and businesses, with little regard for Heavy Goods Vehicles and Buses that combine to cause legendary congestion in the High Street.


One hundred years ago locals could afford to live in the village and buy their own homes and raise a family, when houses were affordable. Especially important for agricultural workers; the salt of the earth.


Now, locals are being forced out with housing priced to attract investment from overseas landlords, looking to benefit from high rents charged in the UK, to launder their money. This is a loophole that councils willingly exploit to charge high property taxes. We think that our Chancellor and Communities ministers should close such loopholes on moral grounds. High rents means local and young families are pushed even further down the property ladder. Making them financial slaves through, life into retirement.







SHAMED CONSERVATIVE PARTY - If Boris is representative of politics in England, we don't just need a change of leader with business as usual policies, we need a massive overhaul of the system, to prevent bungling clowns from becoming prime minister. We must find a way to stop politicians borrowing to sustain their unsustainable lifestyles based on deceiving the public, that the country can just keep borrowing. Our national debt is staggering, almost doubling with 'The Johnson' at the helm. And it all begins on our doorstep. What is happening locally in Herstmonceux and Sussex, is happening in Whitehall - and sadly - all around the world. The cover up merchant, Bob Standley, won't resign either. Neither will Trevor Scott. Bojo never achieved Brexit as promised, so he should give his salary back for lying to us. Liz Truss, is more of the same, business as usual. There is no mention of bungled policies leading to the present cost of living crisis. Of course not. But the truth is Conservative policies are not addressing the climate crisis or sustainable energy supplies. They simply do not know what they are doing. And they have not got the guts to implement urgent statute to make things right. They have not go the guts to admit their mistakes. Sounds like Wealden to us!


Sadly, between Labour and Tory (non) leadership, Britain has sunk deeper into debt. At the moment, there is no other party able to win an election. Especially, if they were to tell the electorate the truth. So, brace yourself for temperature increases, more inflation, more floods and balderdash by the bucket load, as Members of Parliament dodge the bullets from the years of their negligent administration.


We should be on a war footing, like Ukraine v Russia, only it is UK v economic & climate instability.




Incompetent government has slashed pensioner's savings in half in real terms, with rampant inflation and price rises. Making money worth less than fifty percent % of what you could buy last year. And year on year those savings become more devalued - as the financial donkeys rack up debt. Now we have the cost of living crisis to contend with, borne of our reliance on fossil fuels, when renewables are cheaper, giving us energy independence.


Gone are the homes to promote village life and the countryside that our forefathers fought to defend during World War One and Two.







THE OBSERVATORY - Two of the protective domed housings in the grounds of Herstmonceux Castle, formerly the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Then in 1990, the official observatory was moved once again to find clearer skies.





The village of Herstmonceux was relatively stable in terms of the population in relation to the ratio of services, but as other villages became overloaded with over priced and under-imaginative housing development for the rich townie/landlord investors, the A271 suffered in terms of potholes - it is not up to the increase in traffic. The High Street became a parking nightmare as car ownership quadrupled. Never mind that there is no gas mains and a very dodgy mobile phone signal, you will have to rely on oil fired central heating, calor gas deliveries, or electric storage heaters. Developments off Gardner Street violated the basic laws of nature, requiring pile driving to stabilise a bank that drained into a stream, as another example of inappropriate build and biodiversity loss. Where is the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) being spent. Not in Herstmonceux for sure! Are villagers being ripped off taxation wise?


Then there is a field that walkers, dogs and ramblers had enjoyed for over a hundred years unfettered, featuring two registered footpaths, but a much higher number of unregistered footpaths, now the subject of some concern by the Herstmonceux Walkers Association.




Public footpath leading to Herstmonceux village



PUBLIC FOOTPATHS - Essential for healthy living, is space to roam and experience nature. This is one of the well trodden footpaths in the field adjacent to the old Generating Station at Herstmonceux. Why would anyone want to build on this? Money! Why would anyone allow buildings on this? Greed!






The recent developments along Hailsham Road, and those proposed near Lime Cross, are expected to have the effect of reducing the value of property in the Herstmonceux area generally as the overcrowding increases, turning it into a rental void and loss maker generally for investors silly enough to bite the bullet. Planners and developers don't seem to have thought about that as they piled on the agony for existing residents - without improving amenities - straining the limited existing road network to breaking point. The same goes for the sewerage, where there have been unhealthy leaks, many are saying it can only get worse.


Check out the values on Zoopla, Purple Bricks and Right Move for yourselves, then check back next year, to see how your investment fared. Even more houses are threatened where the old Geo-Collins Garage (was a Honda dealer) also has consent for a number of houses in a high flood and drainage risk area.




Post mill at Windmill Hill, East Sussex



The post mill at Windmill hill, sporting its patent sails. Sadly, all historic buildings suffer from green growth over the years. Meaning that they don't look all shiny and white for very long after a fresh coat of paint. But, you should have seen the rusty hulk this was in the 1980s.




Our green fields are set to be developed to swell the coffers of the council with CIL payments for infrastructure improvements that will never happen while the country is swamped by debt. All because they want enhanced pensions. But surely, councils are responsible for the provision of affordable housing? Why do they keep selling the electorate into slavery? That's right, it's those enhanced pensions again. We think public servants should all be on a fixed wage/salary, with bans on golden handshakes on their retirement. But rather a performance review and claw-back from those under-performing.


The proposed development also requiring the build of a sewage works by Southern Water to pump the human waste uphill to a treatment plant not far down the road from Windmill Hill. All on the promise of 25 affordable housing units, but so far none of the developers promising low carbon housing has delivered. It is all a sham, to get the permission, and then some way through the development, claim that they have no money to build the affordable units. In our book that is fraud, that Wealden are part of where there are no enforceable agreements and no bonds as security in the event of default or insolvency.


Also of concern is that the Secretary of State recently rejected Wealden's Local Plan, raising questions as to whether or not the planners knew what they were doing when passing an application to build 70 homes on a field were drainage and groundwater pollution are known problems. We'd like to get rid of human planners, and install an AI system, where favours to mates are not part of the programme. Hackers excepted. Imagine the salaries and pension plans we'd save on. That would mean a reduction in taxes. Yay!





Herstmonceux Generating Station, in Sussex, England



POTENTIAL FUTURE UNESCO CONTENDER - Archaeologically, the old Generating Works in Lime Park, is the most important building in the village, since the Truggery was flattened to make way for some very ordinary houses. Such is the imagination of local officials. The highly regarded Castle and Observatory are not in the village Herstmonceux (despite the name), being the east side of Windmill Hill and an important location in its own right. See: Margaret Pollard's memories of Herstmonceux 2005, London University survey 1999, and Ronald Saunders statement July 1997, if you like reading in-person historical accounts.


Saved from collapse in 1981, in this unassuming complex, the new age of electricity began with wealthy landowners flexing their wallets - the only people who could afford Thomas Edison's 'EdiSwan' light bulbs. For in order to have electricity to run the new fangled lighting, you needed your own generator - and that was noisy, offsetting the advantage of gas lamps and candles that frequently blew out with gusts of wind. Silence was then and is now highly valued. Only the very few could also afford batteries to store power. But in Herstmonceux, they had a massive energy store, with a whole unit full of giant lead plate batteries on shelves, crammed to ceiling height with huge glass cases filled with gallons of sulfuric acid. This is the very first distribution load-levelling arrangement, and the only example surviving anywhere in the world, of a massive battery store. It is quite simply unique. See ESCC SMR. Or visit at TheKeep in Lewes, or online.








COUNTRYSIDE ABOMINATION No2 - If you buy one of these (proposed) houses, not only will you be adding to global warming, but you could be letting yourself in for many years of litigation, not least of which is the potential to be charged under groundwater contamination and wildlife and habitats laws. At lest 40% of the houses shown are in a direct line to poison the only working well in the village: Lime Well. 


WILDLIFE POISONING CONSPIRACY - Just about all of the proposed houses will flush pesticides downhill into Lime Pond (centre lower), so killing the herons, ducks, fish, frogs and newts. Anyone party to the killing of these animals by poisoning, or the contamination of their environment, is liable to fines and imprisonment. We'd imagine remedial works would involved demolition of the houses, by way of a restoration order. And that is why a bond is needed. So why go there? The poisoning is inevitable - it's just a matter of time.










The Wealden district and Sussex generally, encompasses some of the most beautiful countryside and sea views in the United Kingdom. There is though an acute shortage of genuinely affordable housing and the area produces a good deal of greenhouse gases leading to temperature rises that will affect many other regions on earth and raise sea levels with dire consequences. There are very few electric vehicle charging points and no infrastructure plan for EVs making local taxes appear extortionate in relation to returns. Planning for a sustainable future is virtually non-existent. Why then are we being forced to pay so much Council Tax if all our councils are doing is adding to Global Warming





The Walkers Association is a group dedicated to protecting the pathways that villagers of Herstmonceux have enjoyed within living memory. Where there was a footpath circling this area, Southern Water have been working with the developers to cut off access for walkers. That is why the Association think it is time to act.






SUICIDE JUNCTION 2021 - Is this one of the most dangerous junctions in Sussex? That is the view of many local residents who objected most strongly to the proposal that may see up to 70 more houses access an A road that is itself substandard and overloaded. It is a pothole nightmare, another issue of concern to people that are forced to drive along this road. Allegations being made is that planning favours were made, in passing such a sub-standard access. It is not known if this involves the Parish or District councils, or both. We understand that the question as to the Register of Interests has been asked.


WHERE HAVE THE BADGERS GONE - It is alleged that Southern Water bulldozed the home of a badger, when clearing this site. How come they got away with that? The picture above was taken in September 2020, the picture below in May 2020. Will the developers get away with poisoning the wildlife on Lime Pond, and poisoning Lime Well? Not if we can help it.


FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND SPEECH - This website is protected by Articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and Articles 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Herstmonceux Walkers Association avers that the right to impart information is a right, no matter that the method of communication is unpalatable to the State. Many of the pictures on this website are copyright. Please be sure that you have permission if use is for commercial publication, magazines, newspapers, books, etc. For educational purposes, permission is not required.






2020 - Herstmonceux in Sussex is not what it used to be. Villagers are being forced to rent in towns, rather than being able to live where they were brought up - at reasonable prices. In modern England, councils are operating against the interests of young families. Rents for new builds in Herstmonceux and exorbitant. The rich get richer and the poor, poorer.  


BROWN CLIFFS ABOMINATION No1 - Unlike Dover, with their beautiful white cliffs, in Wealden they like the colour brown so much they gave planning permission to build this artificial edifice in the country - taking with it the natural beauty of the countryside for walkers - and - or so it seems, polluting the watercourse downstream. They call the mini-estate Woodlands View, including Elm Close, Hawthorn Lane and Oak Way.




Daisy the cow is worried about the future of life on earth    



BOVINE - Creatures of habit, Daisy is worried that local authorities will continue to act in a way that causes loss of biodiversity, farming jobs and sustainability, where they keep building on her green fields - and she loves grass - greenbelt that is supposed to be protected to provide your milk and steaks. Arable land is being turned into deserts at an alarming rate. We moan about the Amazon being cut down, but we are doing the same. We cut down all our oak forests to build timber warships. Now we want to build on what is left. By the way, Daisy wants to point out to MacDonalds that she is a vegetarian, and hopes she won't be on the menu.  ROADWORKS CENTRAL - Town planners and East Sussex Highways obviously don't understand the Highway Code, about not obstructing other road users. Have you heard the one about caution near the brow of a hill. We think the other one is about blind bends. No sign of a bypass! If ever one was needed, it is to take heavy goods vehicles away from this pathetically narrow and potholed 'B' road, pretending to be an 'A' road.





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