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Suicide Junction, Herstmonceux village and Death Hill



SUICIDE JUNCTION 2021 - Is this one of the most dangerous junctions in Sussex? That is the view of many local residents who objected most strongly to the proposal that may see up to 70 more houses access an A road that is itself substandard and overloaded. It is a pothole nightmare, another issue of concern to people that are forced to drive along this poorly maintained stretch of road. It cannot get better with more traffic to cope with, it can only get worse.





Apparently, all of the parish members squat in the same little office in the village high street. The housing shortage must be worse than we thought:


Herstmonceux Parish Council
4 The Old Forge
Gardner Street
BN27 4LG

Telephone: 01323 318841
Mobile: 07778 057869

Ward: Stephanie Blackledge is a Councillor for Herstmonceux Castle Ward



Where they have supported umpteen applications for executive homes in and around the area, the Parish Council in Hertsmonceux is making low income families poorer, and less likely to ever be able to get on the property ladder.


The absolute lack of land for self-builds, is another major issue for those considering entering the property market with self build flat packs that do not need services. We are hopeful that in 2023 the Parish Council will be looking to address this deficiency.


Affordable homes are generally Net Zero, unlike many of the quite large up market houses that litter the A271, as you may have notices as you dodge the potholes.


As interested bystanders, putting ourselves in the minds of those looking for low cost homes, we are not in agreement with the way Wealden District Council [WDC] are spending the money they are claiming as concil taxes, to support their kleptocratic empire building ambitions that looks to be to increase officer salaries, benefits for employees, land purchases other than for low cost housing, and enhanced pensions, all the while they have not catered for low income families as required to do so under the National Planning Policy Framework. Thus forcing many deeper into unaffordable debt (financial servitude) and causing much mental anguish and suffering and the feeling of degradation they are forcing upon those on low incomes, using intimidatory tactics in the Magistrates Courts, Summonses and Liability Orders, that may not be either lawful or legal - especially after consideration of the abandonment, a clear interference in my private and family life knowing full well that many mothers in particular are struggling to cope, such contrivances being contrary to articles 3, 4 and 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998





How to secure land for low cost exception sites, within the Wealden district



GENUINELY AFFORDABLE HOUSING - The above CAD generated diagram shows 12 building plots for 18' x 54' flatpack units - on a one acre site, to include parking, but not including an access road. Arable land is roughly 8-9k per acre. An uplift of 100% for compulsory purchase - on land earmarked for Low Cost Exceptions; self-build starter homes (NPPF). Sites thus acquired for villages, will yield plots for registered persons at around 1,670 per plot.


An acre can be any shape, so long as the area is 43,560 square feet, the size of a field one man can plough in a day with a horse. For local plans, longer thinner sites might meld better.


Now, this really is affordable stuff. Flatpacks are around 30-40k, with solar power, borehole/pump and waste treatment pack coming in well under 50k per home. Against which mortgage repayments are roughly 250 per month. And a reduction in Council Tax, to Band A, for those renting executive houses at over 9000 per month. Good news for the homeless, not so good for overpriced market dealers, and price fixing councils, who use their power to monopolize the planning system, to obtain higher rateable bandings - to pay their enhanced pensions. Such councils, dealing in human misery, might be deemed planning criminals, no better than King Charles II and his African Royal Trading Company, officially sanctioning slave trading.




WDC have pursued an agenda designed to advantage wealthy landlords and favoured property developers, to build executive housing, over a prolonged period, so creating a renting society, depriving young families of the chance of owning (or renting) an affordable and sustainable unit, to reduce outgoings (mortgage far lower than present market rents), especially highlighted in the present cost of living crisis.


And that this is so, simply because WDC have failed to identify and provide land for self builds, etc., as required by the English National Planning Policy as "Entry Level Exception Sites" (Section 65 (d)). And at Section 68 (a), where they have to identify Specific Deliverable Sites - for a five year period. Granted, that this is not within the power of the Parish Council, but the Members might consider lobbying, and/or objecting to any more executive housing, until such obligations are fulfilled.

It appears that the aim of such agenda is to generate more income from the geographical region administered by WDC, as increased Council Taxes. Whereas, and assuming that taxes may be payable if there is an agreed contract (council fulfilling their obligations) between the parties, low cost housing would be designed for an A banding, as opposed to C, D, and E, etc., as is the case at present. Thus, the net income for WDC would drop as tenant contract end, and move into lower cost housing. 





Josephine Angear

Ketrill Game

Josephine Angear

Stephanie Blackledge

Ketill Game

Emma Goodsell

Bryan Naish

David Harding, Chair

Jeremy Harrison

Brian Nicholls

Bryan, Naish


Ian Stewart, Vice Chair





Wealden have no 'Local List' of buildings of character and historical legacy that add to the general interest of the locality and give holiday makers and tourists something extra to put on their tick list, or indeed, may be a good reason to choose this location as a place to visit. Herstmonceux was famous for Trugs, until the Truggery in the village was allowed to be developed as housing, so closing off that venue, as a Sussex location to visit. At present the only heritage asset within walking distance of the village, is the old Generating Station, accessible from the village via a public footpath.


It appears to us that there are some heritage assets that Wealden, and perhaps the Parish council do not want recognised.






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