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THE BROWN CLIFFS OF HERSTMONCEUX - Unlike Dover, with their beautiful white cliffs, in Wealden they like the colour brown so much they gave planning permission to build this artificial edifice in the country - taking with it the natural beauty of the countryside for walkers - and - or so it seems, polluting the watercourse downstream. They call the mini-estate Woodlands View, including Elm Close, Hawthorn Lane and Oak Way.


Shit! We wonder if they still use brown envelopes to deliver perks to those in the decision making pipeline. We bet you'll not find a poor planning officer in this region, and check those councillor declarations of interest. You might find poor planners in other regions where the idiotic permissions don't flow quite so freely as favours. In Wealdenland water flows uphill and shit is pumped from one place to another. It's a bit like Alice in Wonderland.


This site was bought for next to nothing, because it was relatively worthless on the side of a hill. But they found willing accomplices at Wealden to covert the countryside into a money making machine, so long as they could find the suckers to buy these houses, and nobody made a fuss about the blot on the landscape. They were so confident that nobody would see the iron monolith that they did not even bother trying to landscape it into the wooded area. In our view, they should be clapped in irons and sent to the colonies. Okay, we don't have those anymore, and Australia has become just as corrupt as the UK. So, somewhere they cannot do any more harm to the environment. How about the Moon?




Woodlands View is a development that perhaps should never have been encouraged by the Parish Council, or approved by Wealden District Council. There is no way these house designs are in keeping with those in the village, especially the character of the shops and pubs in Gardner Street. They are virtually identical, save for trimmings, with those being built on "cardboard-box" estates all over Sussex.




HILLY - A bit like Italy, with all these twists and turns going uphill on a frost day might be a bit tricky, no doubt with global warming, less of a chance of sliding into these fences.



The hillside development includes Oak Way, Hawthorn Lane and Elm Close. It is built on backfilled land that is supported by pile driven steel in a most hideous fashion, cut into what was a lovely little wooded area called Lime Wood. The site constitutes one of the ugliest from the point of view of walkers in the countryside, to the point where one wonders if the town and country planners at Wealden are qualified at all in RTPI terms! That is our opinion, what do you think?





The developers obtained planning permission from officers under the leadership of Kelvin Williams, Christopher Bending and Stacey Robbins, with (perhaps) Joanna Denton and Kirstie Leighton in the mix somewhere. The permission to proceed to build here was approved by the Area Plans South Sub Committee under the chair of Susan Stedman.




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