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MANOR HOUSE - Lime Park benefited by a large manor house, a stables, market garden, wells, and electricity from a generating station in the grounds - that also sold power to the nearby village of Herstmonceux. One way of ensuring the preservation of the divided properties, is for them to be amalgamated, under the steerage of a Trust. Making this a conservation area, for future UNESCO consideration.






Benita Mary de Roemer was the daughter of Charles de Roemer, the innovator who built the Generating Station in Lime Park C.1898. She was childhood friends with Margaret Pollard, the daughter of her father's chauffeur William Green.


By the time of her birth in 1920, the Generating Station in Lime Park had ceased producing electricity commercially. But she did inherit sufficient funds to pursue life as a socialite in London, benefiting from a solid base of operations in Herstmonceux, where the manor house had plenty of rooms for country vacations, and where her mother, Audrey, lived until the 1950s. (Passed in 1967)


As the Park was her playground during her formative years, she must have enjoyed exploring the interesting machinery contained in the large sheds, which Charles and his mother, Lady de Roemer, may have considered unsafe for young children. We know that a large and heavy, collapsible iron security gate was installed across the main entrance sliding doors (still in existence), and that the wooden buildings were covered in corrugated iron at some time after the First World War, and after 1936, according to Ronald Saunders. Hence, the covering may not have been in anticipation of World War Two.


We do know that in preparation for World War Two, her father, Charles, or his wife, built two bomb proof shelters. One in the Manor House cellar west wing, and one north of his electricity Generating Station, which was cut into a hillside. Charles was a military man, having built seaplanes for the RAF, who was keen on fortifications.


The family, apparently moved to Wimbledon, Charles and his wife Audrey (Margaret Lidell 1892 - 1967), with their four children: Benita, Martin, Anthony and Boyce, according to Peggy Green.


The Obituary of Benita Mary Moxon is seen at January 2001 Page 8, All Saints Vicarage, Tilford Road, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2DA.


Her brother, Martin de Roemer, passed away in 1998 from bone cancer. We do not know if Benita, or any of her brothers, had any children. We would love to hear from anyone who can help us fill in the gaps relating to Lime Park and the outstanding achievements of Charles. Please contact Lime Park Heritage Trust if you can help.



Major Charles W. de Roemer RAF



Benita's father, Major Charles W. de Roemer Royal Flying Corp











UNIQUE INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY - Perhaps not the most attractive of buildings, as it has fallen into a state of disrepair. This is mainly because Wealden District Council have done all they can to deny the building a reasonable and beneficial use, to pay for restorations, up to 2022. The Parish Council have been working with the district council on this. That is why the most important historic asset in Herstmonceux does not have an income for maintenance and general repairs. Conversely, the site, including other buildings in the Park, may one day qualify for listing as a UNESCO world heritage site.





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